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Main Benefits:

  • What are the main benefits of Call Bot Leads for my customers?
    1. Improve customer experience, many times businesses don't get back to their prospects and customers for days. Call Bot Leads eliminates that and connects the two parties in less than 15 seconds. If they aren't connected everyone is notified immediately through email and text message.
  • 2. Increase the conversion rate on your website. We have seen 50%+ increase in conversion rates on sites we have added Call Bot Leads.
  • 3. Monitor staff and business performance. Calls can be recorded to monitor how the staff is handling customers. Detailed analytics report to see how well the staff and business are handling incoming calls
  • What happens when someone schedules a call through the widget?
    First the system will send out an email and text message to the business and visitor letting them know of the scheduled call. At the scheduled time the system will automatically call the business and connect the visitor. If the business doesn't answer the system will automatically retry multiple times and ultimately send another message if they aren't connected. Drastically improving customers experience.
  • Does the system do two-way text messaging?
    Right now, the system only sends out text message notifications. We hope to be integrating two-way text messaging into the system in the next 60 days or so.
  • What happens if the business doesn't answer when a visitor requests a call?
    We have built in Artificial Intelligence and the system will automatically retry up to 5 times (if designated). If they don't get connected, then the system sends out an email and text message to the business and the person who requested the call.
  • How does Call Bot Leads compare to a Chat widget?
    We did a study and put a chat widget on a high traffic site for one month and then the call widget on the site for one month. While the chat widget was on the site we generated no sales from it and they were mainly customer service questions. While the call widget was on the site, there were 15 sales and very little customers service questions. When was the last time you bought something over chat?
  • How are calls counted against the business?
    A call is a successful connection between a potential customer and the business that lasts over 5 seconds, but less than 10 minutes. Each 10-minute time period is deducted as a call.

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